Dishdrawers detergent

BIG NO NO! Never use tablets on Fisher & Paykel dish drawers! Only use powder! No gel, no liquid! The reason why is because these machines are half the size of a normal dishwasher so they need less detergent. If you use a tablet, by the time it will go into the rinse, there would still be a bit of the tablet left so it will continue to wash rather than rinse. It will then stain your glasses with detergent residue at the end of the cycle. By the way, don’t forget the rinse aid, if the light is red, top it up!
If you use gels or liquids then get ready for a big repair bill: it will over sud, resulting in overflowing onto electronics which will short and burn out!
Also make sure your plates, cups and glasses don’t get over the lip edge of the drawer when you stack it otherwise the lid could bend resulting in poor sealing and leaking water where? Yes, onto electronics…