Corroded connectors

A common issue on some fridges: connectors get corroded due to condensation preventing the components from getting the power or reading they need to operate… We replace these with waterproof ones!

New RCD (safety switch) standard from 1st of May 2023

Type AC RCDs are ruled out and type A are replacing them to avoid possible blinding of the tripping device that can be caused by electronics DC waveforms. Upgrade is not mandatory if no changes are done to your older installation but it is recommended. Becomes mandatory when your installation is extended or modifications are done to your switchboard. For…


Beware! We recently enquired to get parts for Kogan appliances for our customers but this is what Kogan replied, you basically will not be able to have it repaired out of its warranty period, this is just not good enough. Stay away from that brand!


When you fix a dishwasher at a customer’s house and the child draws you something to thank you. You’re such a sweetheart Jamila, thank you so much

Covid-19 update


We are still open, adapting to the situation and taking extra precautions between jobs, basically doing the right thing for everyone. Unfortunately, due to the border control in place, we are not servicing the Tweed area anymore at this stage.

There’s always a first time

The very first appliance I’ve ever fixed was a (CRT) TV when I was around 16yo my parents gave me to play with my PlayStation in my own room! They gave it to me because one of the 3 primary colours, the green, wasn’t working. After a while I was annoyed playing my games in a purplish colour because of…