Rates & FAQs

Appliance repairs technician

Most companies charge over $160+ for a service call whereas our callout in comparison is $125+gst and includes a 10-15min diagnostic!

Rates & FAQs

1- How much is it going to cost me to repair my appliance?

First of all, you could be throwing a perfectly good machine for a fault as simple as a loose wire. For $125+gst, you get us to check your machine and diagnose it so you know exactly what’s wrong with it before deciding any further. Plus, most repairs are very quick and do not involve much labor as parts are basically plug & play. Finally, our rates are as per follow: service call: $125+gst (only once per repair regardless of how many times we’ll have to come back and includes up to 15min for initial diagnostic), labor (after the diagnostic): $25+gst/15min and spare parts if required to be changed (price and availability will be quoted according to findings on diagnostic)

2- Is it worth it to fix my appliance?

Two main reasons: repairing your appliance will allow you to use it right away again and furthermore saves you from wasting a lot of time & money on getting a brand new one, in addition, frees you from the hassle of having one delivered & installed and tip the old one, plus, it’s a good help saving the environment!

3- How soon can my appliance be repaired?

Because we carry most common parts in our vehicle, we can fix your appliance on the spot and if you call us before noon, we can book you in for the same day!

4- What are your opening hours?

Monday 9am to 6pm
Tuesday 9am to 6pm
Wednesday 9am to 6pm
Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday 9am to 6pm
Weekends Closed
Public Holidays Closed

*Domestic grade appliances:

– Residential: $125+gst service call from Ormeau to Coolangatta, labor: $25+gst/15min

– Outer or inland suburbs: $25+gst extra for travel time

*Commercial grade appliances: 

– Restaurants & other businesses: $175+gst call-out from Ormeau to Coolangatta, labor: $25+gst/15min

– Outer or inland suburbs: $25+gst extra for travel time

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