Dishdrawers detergent

BIG NO NO! Never use tablets on Fisher & Paykel dish drawers! Only use powder! No gel, no liquid! The reason why is because these machines are half the size of a normal dishwasher so they need less detergent. If you use a tablet, by the time it will go into the rinse, there would still be a bit of…

Empty your pockets!

Today we found the most nails, screws and drill bits all at once blocking a washing machine from draining! Even a pencil and some coins were there! And you guessed it, the customer is a tradie, hehe!

Mouldy door seal

Another tip from The French Sparky : To keep the mould away, the best way is to leave the door open when not in use! This one was torn anyway but good to know for the replacement seal!

Door seal maintenance

Another tip from the French Sparky Don’t wait until the rubber perishes! Keep your door seal clean, remove residues and things that fell from pockets like coins, screws, nails, shirts collar tips, Bobby pins, etc from the inner lip... Also keep the door open when not in use to avoid moulding up!

Fridge maintenance

Summer tip: It only takes a few seconds to vacuum it but then your fridge can breathe again and not overheat!

dryer filter

Dryer isn’t drying properly

When was the last time you checked the lint filter? On most dryers, the filter is on top of the door or down the bottom on the frame. Open the plastic cover and remove all lint stuck to it. It is vital to do it after each single use to prevent it from clogging and causing damages to your dryer's main parts.…

fridge open doors

Fridge Is Not As Cold As It Should Be

Make sure you are not overfilling your fridge and more than anything don't block the vents with your food. Your fridge needs to breathe to conduct the cold air throughout the entire compartment. Also check your seals and make sure the doors shut properly and don't leave any gap. If all this is good or you see ice coming out…

range hood filter

Rangehood Filter Gets Oily

Don't worry, this happens all the time over the years... And unless the mesh is damaged, you might not need a new filter and can save some ca$h if you follow one of these easy tricks: Simply lay your filters flat on the basket of your dishwasher (without any other dishes) and set your dishwasher to the hottest cycle (Intensive or…

dishwasher spray

Dishes Are Not Coming Out Clean

Have a look inside the tub and make sure the spray arms spin properly. Other than that, when was the last time you checked the filter? If you don't click your filter in properly, food residues and other things can go through the pump and end up blocking the spray arms nozzles. You'll be surprised to find a wide range of…