Factory seconds

We also have a range of factory seconds!

What does this means? That a tiny dent or a scratch can save you heaps!

Stocks always come and go fast so enquire now to get a quote on our cheapest available models

Factory seconds are basically extra stocks or ex-displays that are going for cheap. There are 3 categories classified into Class A, B, or C (indicated at the end of the model number: “-A”, “-B”, “-C”)

  • No class means the machine is brand new in the box – Full 2 year warranty.
  • Class A means the machine is missing the box or has carton damage – 1 year warranty.
  • Class B means the machine would have a tiny scratch or dent – 1 year warranty.
  • Class C means the machine has a higher level of cabinet damage or would have factory replaced parts – 3 months warranty

$200+gst Installation fee, includes Delivery & optional Removal of old appliance

  • Dishwashers & Washing Machines: $50+gst extra if hoses pass through needs to be re-done to avoid kinks or enlarged for bigger aqua stop/filter at inlet hose tap end
  • Cooktops: $50+gst extra if bench re-cut required (wood only), Stainless Frame available if flush is bigger than new cooktop size
  • Rangehoods: $50+gst extra if need to adapt to flush dimensions for drawer type
  • Dryers: $100+gst extra for wall mounting
  • Access: $50+gst extra to bring appliances up and down some sets of stairs

List below is only indicative of previous stock and not reflecting the current stock so please enquire now to get a quote on our cheapest available factory seconds