Dishwasher Repair Diagnosis

 7 Checkpoints ✓

 (included in the call-out)

    • Troubleshoot: We will search for what causes your machine to breakdown
    • Blockages: from inlets, outlets, filters & spray arms
    • Leaks: from tub, gaskets, pipes or hoses
    • Electrical faults: from electronic boards & wiring
    • Pumps: wash & drain
    • Level: feet & stands
    • Test: We will test that your machine fills up, heats, pumps, drains and spins

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Appliance repairs technician Cedric, The French Sparky

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    $125+gst for domestic appliances up to 60cm wide

    $175+gst for integrated, larger or commercial grade

    Includes up to 15min for initial diagnosis, a quote after assessment and is valid for 30 days!